Counter Profiles

The profile is the shape of the front nose of your countertop. Common profiles are d-wrap, 180-wrap, slope nose. Your design associate will give you the option to make your counters uniquely yours.

Counter Effects Laminate Profile Options

Raised Roll Raised 180 Wrap 180 Wrap D Wrap
Slope Nose Ogee Perma-Edge


Counter Effects Quartz and Stone Profile Options

Square/Eased Waterfall Double Radius Single Bevel
Double Bevel Large Bevel Half Bullnose Bullnose

Counter Effects End Type Options

Finished End With Clipped Corner

Finished End

Finished End With Bar Round Corner

Oval End/
Penninsula Sweep

Wall End/
Side Splash

Recessed Wall End With Finished End & Bar Round Corner

Recessed Wall End With Standard Finished End