Glossary of Terms

Backsplash: formed material, usually 3” high, offering a water guard between the counter top and walls.

Build-up: 3/4strips of material attached to the under-side of counter tops to raise the entire counter flush with the top of cabinets—to be used with European style—frameless cabinets

Corian:a brand of solid surface material made by Dupontoffers a colour-through, repairable, renewable surface and availability to integrate sinks

Crystal: a term used to describe a laminate finish which has slightly more texture and shine than the traditional matte finish

Gloss: a term used to describe a laminate finish which has deep shine and smooth texture

Integrated: forming a solid surface sink to a solid surface counter top which provides no visible lines or crevices

Laminate: a thin 1/32 material adhered to a particle board substrate, which can be formed around radii by using heat and pressure-often referred to be brand names such as Formica or Arborite

Matte: a term used to describe a laminate finish which is smooth to the touch but has very little shine

Mitre: a seam in a counter top, usually in a corner, where the counter changes direction

Nosing: a term used to describe the edge treatment of a counter top

Post-form: a method of manufacturing laminate counter tops where the laminate is heated and formed around a pre-determined shape of substrate can only be done in parallel lines

Solid Surface: a colour-through, repairable, renewable material, made mostly of acrylic which offers unparalleled design flexibility and a non-porous, hygienic surface often referred to as  Corian which is one brand of solid surface.

Under-mount: a method of adhering certain sinks to the uder-side of counter tops, allowing for easy clean-up and greater design flexibility

Wall End: sometimes referred to as a €œside-splash used as a water splash guard on the end of a counter which butts into a wall or cabinet