There are a variety of ways that Counter Effects can assist with your selection process.

Option 1: Download or print one of our worksheets (below) to help you with your measurements. Measure and make a sketch. Record the measurements of your countertop on a planning grid and bring it in to one of our consultants.

Standard Measurement Worksheet
Design Grid

Option 2: Visit our Showroom.Counter Effects representative will be happy to show you the options available.

Helpful Hints

A few helpful hints to keep in mind:

Counters either come with or without a backsplash. Our standard backsplash height is 3 inches. The advantage of backsplash is it helps prevent water damage from standing water behind the sink area. Popular styles now show counters without backsplash, the choice is yours.

The longest a countertop can be made is 12 feet (144 inches). If you require a longer counter, we can make it but you will just have a seam somewhere known as a butt joint.

There are standard countertop depths, but keep in mind that anything can be made custom if this is what your design project requires.

Standard kitchen depth is 25.5 inches
Standard vanity depth is 22.5 inches
Standard bar counters are 26.75 inches
Other popular bar counter sizes are 33 inches, 36 inches and 39 inches and are available upon request.

Measurements are done in inches only. Please ensure that you are measuring the distance you require for the counter top only and not the cabinet measurements.