Product Options

The profile is the shape of the front nose of your countertop. Common profiles are d-wrap, 180-wrap, slope nose. Your design associate will give you the option to make your counters uniquely yours.

Counter Effects Laminate Profile Options

Raised-Roll Raised-180-Wrap 180-Wrap Wrap
Slope-Nose Ogee Perma-Edge


Counter Effects Quartz and Stone Profile Options

Square/Eased Waterfall Double-Radius Single-Bevel
Double Bevel Large Bevel Half-Bullnose Bullnose


Counter Effects End Type Options

Finished End With Clipped Corner

Finished End

Finished End With Bar Round Corner

Oval End/
Penninsula Sweep

Wall End/
Side Splash

Recessed Wall End With Finished End & Bar Round Corner

Recessed Wall End With Standard Finished End